MUXen, a multidisciplinary team

MUXen was born from the meeting of 3 companies in the Nantes region who were able to combine their complementary know-how in electronics, programming and user interface to offer you mastered solutions from A to Z.

In 2018 JPS Concept and L2C Tronic joined forces to create the multiplexed electrical distribution and management network for the new ARKEA PAPREC.

At the same time JPS Concept defined the electrical networks, 24VDC, 48VDC, 230VAC and hybrid propulsion of the future boat of the brand new shipyard WINDELO. Naturally, the products already developed for the competition were integrated into the WINDELO and an innovative network managing all the electrical and energy components of the boat was developed. All that was missing was a proper user interface and that’s where Power-Lan came in, developing a Linux distribution and specific drivers as well as the web pages to control the whole boat.

In less than two years, the complete and innovative management of a 50-foot Hybrid Catamaran was developed, giving the 3 companies the desire to continue in this direction by making their relationship official through the creation of a common structure: MUXen.

Many projects have already been developed or are under development :

  • Complete overhaul of SPINDRIFT’s electrical installation.
  • New multiplexed and communicating version of the IMOCA Keel Management.
  • Multiplexed electrical installations of several Class40.
  • Multiplexed electrical installation and management with link to onboard systems of several new IMOCA boats under construction.
  • Redesign of the electrical installation of Sodebo ULTIM 3.
  • Consulting and system architecture services for numerous ocean racing teams.
  • Development of the rest of the WINDELO 50 / 54 Catamaran range with the development of new features.

L’équipe MUXen

Jean-Paul Siaudeau

As the founder of JPS Concept, Jean-Paul has been designing energy storage, distribution and management systems for over 20 years.

Specialisation : System architecture, Electronic hardware

William Martin

Co-creator of POWER Lan, William develops Web solutions embedded in computers under Linux.

Specialisation : Embedded Linux software, Graphical user interface, Computer graphics.

Clément Lambert

Creator of L2CTronic, Clément has been designing and producing computers for autonomous vehicles for 4 years.

Specialisation : Embedded software, CAN

Jean-Noël Coueron

Co-creator of POWER Lan, Jean-noël manages our own servers hosted in a datacenter for our business applications.

Specialisation : BSP Linux, Infogerence

Our design office, from architecture to implementation

With Jean-Paul’s experience, MUXen offers innovative architectures for energy management on board boats, combining performance, reliability and autonomy.

With Clément’s experience, MUXen has built its network management system using validated and proven automotive standards.

With William and Jean-Noël’s experience, MUXen creates a link between field networks and user interfaces adapted to our clients’ businesses.

After defining an electrical and energy architecture, we create our own schematics, our own electronic boards, our own embedded software, our own web control interfaces and our own data storage and processing software.

We also develop the packaging for our products using 3D CAD software.

A workshop for the validation of prototypes

MUXen is equipped for the production of prototype cards, which allows us to validate developments quickly and to respond rapidly to our customers’ needs.

We have special links with local partners for the production of our small and medium series.

Once the prototypes and small series have been validated, we accompany our customers to service providers capable of producing medium and large series.

Throughout these processes, MUXen develops appropriate testing and traceability tools.